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message "(If you used RailsInstaller on Windows then you should already have `user.name` and `user.email` configured.)"

message "In the next commands, don't copy-paste the whole thing. Use the name and email address you usually use. Don't use a username (like your github username)."

console 'git config --global user.name "Your Actual Name, In Quotes"'
console 'git config --global user.email "Your Actual Email, In Quotes"'

important "Use the same email address for heroku, git, github, and ssh."

verify do
  console "git config --get user.name"
  result "your name"
  console "git config --get user.email"
  result "your email address"

tip "Colored output in Git" do
  console <<-BASH
git config --global color.ui auto

  important do
    message "If you are using Windows, the output of Git will not have colors."

next_step "create_an_ssh_key"