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Make The Topic Title A Link


    Your friends recommended two changes for the site:

  • Don't show the description on the list page

  • Make the title a link and when it's clicked show the description


Step 1: Remove the description

Let's start by removing the description. Open app/views/topics/index.html.erb and delete the line that looks like this:

<td><%= topic.description %></td>

Also delete the line that looks like this:


If you save and try to load it in the browser you should see that the description no longer appears.

Step 2: Make the title a link

Now make the title a link by editing app/views/topics/index.html.erb (again) and replacing this line:

<td><%= topic.title %></td>

with this:

<td><%= link_to topic.title, topic %></td>


<td><%= topic.description %></td>

This line was getting the description using .description and just printing it out.


<th> stands for table header and everything between <th> and </th> was being printed as a table header (bold). We removed it since we removed the description and it would look funny to have the header and the wrong thing below it.

<td><%= link_to topic.title, topic %></td>

Here's another use of link_to to create a link on the page. This link_to creates a link using the text from the topic title and goes to the topic show page.

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