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Create A New Rails App With A Static Home Page

Requirements to advance

  • You should have a new rails app with with a static home page that's under your control. Make sure the controller for this page is called HomeController.
  • You, the developer, should explain to a teacher, TA, or fellow student how Rails knows to render the home view.

Discussion Items

  • In order to have a static home page, you will need a route, a controller, a view. Discuss!
    • Seriously. If you don't discuss this stuff, things will be SO much harder.
  • Generators! Rails has lots of them. Try exploring the output of rails generate.
  • We’re not using rails generate scaffold in this curriculum. Because you will generate all your Models, Views and Controllers yourself, this will force you, to do more understanding-building brain work. The teacher/TAs can perhaps comment on what they would do in the real world and their thoughts on the excellence of this choice for learning-purposes.
  • What do you need to add to your home controller (after you've made it) to have a static home page?
  • How does the home/index.html.erb view file relate to the layouts/application.html.erb view file?
  • What’s the significance of yield in the application view?
  • What does the home controller do?

Tools and References


  • If you have no idea what to put in your home controller, maybe try looking back at a past-Railsbridge app? Or another rails app you have lying about?

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